PREMIERE – The Lunacy Of Flowers – Your Way (Robi Insinna Version) (INDUSTRIA)

INDUSTRIA #2 is the second compilation including brand new The Lunacy Of Flowers versions by Robi Insinna, Silent Servant’s take on SASM’s Democracy and Vox Low’s You Are A Slave remixes. It starts off with Robi Insinna’s version of Your Way by The Lunacy Of Flowers.

The Lunacy Of Flowers is a one-man post-industrial act from London with a huge body of unreleased material made from fake hallucinations mixed in Black and White. He used an MS-20, Juno 106, Micro Korg, Epiphone Les Paul Junior, borrowed bass Guitar, SM58 microphone, All Drums Sequenced on FL4 and mixed on a home computer. Robi Insinna added and reworked the original version. The Dub version was done in a real style dub session using an analogue mixer and external reverbs, effects and tape delays.

Release Date: 25/12/2020

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