PREMIERE – Tendts – Spirit (T.A.F. Recordings)

Tendts  have been traversing the galaxy for over eight years now and from their first release “Slow Years” back in 2012 for Lower Parts (GR), up to “Cosmic Swimmer” for Public Release (US) they search and embrace the music of the worlds they visit. Informed by seemingly incongruous references, the now three piece band started playing live shows and jamming together experimenting with sounds. Thus what some have called “a Pleiadian Power Trio” was born and “Faith” their second LP was fabricated.

“Faith” forged between the bands’ jamming sessions and live shows flows  between the intimacy of a studio jam and the energy of a live show. This being the first  release on their own imprint T.A.F. Recordings.

Lots to enjoy in the LP, however our pick is ‘Spirit’ which leads the b side, it’s a slow moving electronica piece and could be a confession of an out of body experience.

Release Date – 23/10/20

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