PREMIERE – Tech Support – Feeling Electric (Shubostar Remix) (AnoAno)

On hand with the right solutions… Tech Support returns after a string of releases for Nocturne, Futureboogie & Silver Bear last year, making his debut on Ano Ano with a sublime serenade of subtle-but-shining gems, perfect for those warm-ups, wind-downs or 3am wig-outs.

One of his most comprehensive, accomplished and considered EPs to date, ‘Feelings Electric’ continues to refine and hone the London-based artist’s love for that timeless, well-oiled dark synth funk. The title track is a perfect example of his fusion as the beat pulsates with Weatheralian intent the lead line whispers sweet indie chugs into our ears.

Next we’re joined by Mexican DJ and artist Vongold who purrs sultry spoken word over a stalking mid-tempo creeper that’s powered by dubby echoes but crystalised by its sweeping chords. ‘Roaming Acid’ follows, completing the tryst of originals. A wandering 303 minstrel, wistfully zoning into the slo-mo sunset with a free spirit and a spring its step, it’s music for dreamers just as much as it is for dancers… And sets us up perfectly for the remix finale courtesy of Shubostar who ups the chug for more of a peak time affair.

Release Date: 21/10/2022

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