PREMIERE – SpunOff – Playa del Karma (Abdul Raeva remix)

Just in time for summer, embark on an enchanting journey aboard the new EP “Eldorado”, set to take off on SpunyLove Records. Join SpunOff, alongside Anastasia Zems, Abdul Raeva, and Running Hot, for a musical escapade along the shores of turquoise waters, amidst the schools of dorados of SpunyIsland. Let yourself be transcended by the colorful rhythms as the sun rises infinitely, illuminating your path. The “Eldorado” EP promises moments of pure ecstasy, smiles on your faces and arms in the air, all while ensuring to stay hydrated and protect your eyes behind your most beautiful sunglasses. The excursion amidst the waves of sunny Bliss-Trance shores and all the way to the natural and protected reserves of subtle Progressive-house, where the notes of Acid mingle with the songs of birds attempting to create a joyful dance symphony. T]ansported to the most imaginative horizons through “Eldorado” – EP.

Release Date:  01/07/2024