PREMIERE – The Shamaniac Movement – Sham-Dee

We’re delighted to give an exclusive to this beauty of a track from super talented Kiki Toao & Rombout. If you haven’t had the fortune to hear of them before, for sure you will be looking out for them in future…

The Shamaniac Movement presents Sham-Dee, a piece of music medicine, derived from the strange process of becoming a shaman and combining it with ceremonial music magick.

Sham-Dee is the story of a shaman’s journey, the magical flight of exploration of the Soul’s Realm, traveling across the oceans of Life and Death, while blissfully tripping on the cosmic embrace of shamanic initiation and experiencing the healing power of Spirit. A vision transformed into music, part of the soundtrack of the life of Kiki Toao and Rombout, since Kiki’s calling to the spiritual path.

The Shamaniac Movement is, apart from KT&R’s personal art and music project, a platform for a small but tight-knit community in The Netherlands, slowly spreading around the globe, aiming for spiritual development through creative experimentation.

Music production by Kiki Toao
Additional sampling by Rombout Wagenaar
Mastering by Daniel English
Samples from: 
Turkije by Orkest V.H. Internationaal Danstheater 
(from the album De Reizigers)