PREMIERE – Sexy Lazer – Fluting In Space (Riotvan)

Disco’s most erotic walking, talking light show Sexy Lazer makes his debut on Riotvan with three delightfully cosmic oddities and odysseys. At points sleazy, at other points sparkling, forever loaded and coded with space, each of the three originals promises full immersion and escapism.

Zone out to the woodwind wonderment of ‘Fluting In Space’, freak out to the synth-powered bliss of ‘Future’ and totally trip out to the much darker and pensive Black Strobe-like ‘Jing Jang’. Meanwhile on the remix front label co-boss Panthera Krause gets his prowl on with the swampy, sweaty tropical twist on ‘Future’ while Axel Boman gets his dub on with his take on ‘Fluting In Space’.

Three stellar originals, two star-gazing versions, one beautiful trip into the deep unknown. Show some lava.

Release Date: 15/04/2022

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