PREMIERE – Sex Kino – Who Do You Love (Theus Mago and Moisees Remix) (Roam Recordings)

The spirit of Rock ‘n Roll which possesses elements that fit with the culture of dance music and the new single ‘Who Do You Love’ from Sex Kino embodies that union. Sex Kino is a Berlin Based New Wave Rock Trio founded by internationally acclaimed British music producer James Brook (Pardon Moi & The Echo Vamper), Polish Singer/Songwriter, Vincent Littlehat and German Guitarist Jonas Häussermann.

For their debut on Roam, this eclectic band provides an EP that is backed by two diverse and well-crafted remixes. The first is a driving psychedelic version by Theus Mago and Moisees. The second is from Alejandro Molinari who delivers a grinding version of the original with added guitar magic along the way.

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