PREMIERE – Sebastien Chenut – Motor Of Love (Sutja Gutierrez Remix)(bORDEL)

bORDEL Records hits release number ten in style with an EP from label co-boss and Los Angeles based artist Sebastien Chenut. It features one original, one remix from Sutja Gutierrez and a live take version by C.A.R.

Parisian Sebastien Chenut is half of French electronic duo Scratch Massive and has been making music for 15 years plus. As both a vocalist and a beat maker he produces gorgeous synth pop and electro that is effortlessly breezy. Here he gets a little darker and more experimental with a moody cut of fizzing electronics.

Our pick this great remix from Sutja GutierrezĀ , a Spaniard who is an artist, musician, member of the band The Fruhstucks as well as a host of the radio show Rational Anthem at His scintillating version is a blizzard of electronic and guitar riffs, whirring machine sounds and stormy atmospheres all underpinned by jumbled drums. It is one to get your whole body on edge and is a potent and powerful brew.

All three of these cuts though really get your attention in inventive new ways.

1. Motor Of Love – C.A.R.’s Asleep At The Wheel (Live Take)
2. Motor Of Love (Sutja Gutierrez remix)
3. Motor Of Love

Release Date – 30th June 2017