PREMIERE – Sahar – Madi (Paradiso Records)

Every record tells a story and captures a moment in time. For Sahar and Paradiso Records ‘Madi’ documents an entire journey.

Following massive releases from the likes of Man Power, Cosmo & Kramer and label-boss REES, ‘Madi’ is a new EP from one of Paradiso’s closest friends and kindred Teeside spirits. Capturing the development of a young, inspired, aspiring producer to a craftsman at the start of an exciting career in electronic music, the bones of the title track were created over five years ago using samples from an obscure record he found in a bargain bin in his dad’s record shop. Since those early moves Sahar has spent his rise in the northeast house and techno hotbed gradually honing it into the stunning cosmic adventure you hear right here.

We are delighted to premiere ‘Madi’, Sahar’s entrance theme that hits all the spots Paradiso is becoming synonymous with; slow’n’low tempos, galaxy-bounding grooves and that overwhelming sense of immersion and cosmic detail.

Release Date: 26/02/2021

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