PREMIERE – Sahar – Drive (TAU)

TAU welcomes a formidable UK talent to the label with its latest release. Sahar brings a distinct flavour, for all the TAU connoisseurs, blending melodic elements with hints of rave to cultivate a thoroughly captivating sound. This has been demonstrated through releases on influential labels such as Exit Strategy, Isolate and Sum Over Histories. Now he’s joined the TAU family for this latest five-track excursion, called Shakedown. From the get go it’s enchanting atmospherics, exquisite percussion and high-quality sound design. The title track epitomises Sahar’s polished, yet emotive approach. Warped vocals appear intermittently during the first part of this track, eventually coming to the surface after the breakdown. The mystical atmosphere complements the distorted vocal, which repeats a catchy verse. Mesmerising.

Drive’ rolls out with a sultry groove, bound to have your hips shimmying from side to side. The seductive feeling permeates through this cut, with a foreboding atmosphere creeping as it progresses. Sahar’s ability to construct tracks that have a strong narrative can be heard very clearly here, as ‘Drive’ shifts and evolves from minute to minute. At its heart, that contagious groove keeps things moving along nicely.

Release Date: 31/05/2024