PREMIERE – Random – Atlas – Cara ó Sello (Shubostar Remix) (Esthetique)

The latest addition to the Esthetique roster are Random Atlas, an “Electronic-Rock” duo project from Santiago, Chile  who are now based in Berlin.  Their project was born from their common love for badass guitars, strange synth sounds and tight beats.You could describe their sound  as a blend of “Rock”, “Techno”, “Post-Punk” and “Disco”.

On ‘Cara of Sello’ they create a powerful dark sound characterised by driving synths,  “haunted house”atmospheres and screaming guitars underpinned by hypnotic grooves. This in turn is remixed by the queen of cosmic Shubostar, who once again delivers a fantastic journey to the stars and back.

Release Date – 28/10/19

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