PREMIERE – Rambal Cochet – Bulbulous Swirl (ИДА)

ИДА — record label from Moscow, which grew up from the local club night responsible for bringing to Moscow artists like Chaos In The CBD, Fantastic Man, Mehmet Aslan, DJ Boring, Borrowed Identity, DJ Octopus, Steve Murphy, Adesse Versions, Kornel Kovacs, Jacques Renault and making parties in prominent Moscow venues like Denis Simachev Bar, Science and Art, Propaganda, Powerhouse, etc.

ИДА is known for its eclectic approach and music tastes varying from disco to techno, house to rave, afro to breakbeat and so on and that leads to an unusual and sometimes unpredictable new sound in the result. Their next release welcomes Rambal Cochet from Saint-Petersburg, the alter-ego of Volta Cab. He provides 3 original rave hymns and each of them re-interpreted containing remix duties from “Aristidez” from Lima providing a perfect ethereal revision for the ‘The Great Solar War’, while “Panorama Channel” provides a tough new beat version of the title track “Celebral Plumbing” and Panks revisits his trippy sound on the ‘Bulbulous Swirl’. The “Bulbulous Swirl” carries slowed goa trance vibe and psychedelic feel moving listener’s body on the dancefloor, while his mind flies to another dimension.

Release date: 29/04/2019

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