PREMIERE – Radial Gaze – Nido (Tim Paris & Rupert Cross Remix) (Paradise Children Records)

Collectively known as Radial Gaze, St.Petersburg stalwart Andrey of Skotny Dvor club notoriety and brother “Stas” bring together the former’s dance floor moves knowledge with the latter’s background in sound design and musical direction. Having already released on recognized labels Eskimo, Calypso, Hard Fist, and Belly Dance Services, the duo offer up a six-piece track release consisting of two originals and enlisting a slew of talents for remix duties.

Exceptional synthesis of both classic and new material – this is the brothers’ go to, as is evident on both the tracks: “Fugu Taste” and, “Nido”.With an added layer of mixing musical geography with tempo acrobatics. Salon des Amateurs resident Toulouse Low Trax and French producer La Mverte take on “Fugu Taste’s” reinterpretation and, we have Belly Dance Services chiefs “Hanzo & Yaman” and My Favorite Robot alum and Marketing Music label owner “Tim Paris” give Nido their own musical color to it.

We are delighted to premiere “Tim Paris” remix of Nido, an uncanny dreamlike redo, filled with attention-grabbing async arpeggios and a cyclical heavy build-up and release of musical tension.

Release Date: 21/09/2020

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