PREMIERE – Plexi Glass – Magma Punch (Gewaltem Remix) (Ulla Records)

We’re Looking back to Plexi Glass debut EP “Echoes From Space”, released in 2023 on Ulla Records, we thought those tracks all had a potential to be remixed. So we asked 5 talented producers that we adore to revisit them, and share with us their very own artistic vision !

First we have Gewaltem, who took some subtle deviation to create his own darker, cold wave-ish version of “Magma Punch”. Then Anastasia Zems propose us to discover a more proggy side of “Hypnotic Marble”, laying some vocals of her own in the mix. Desire is next, and she delivers an explosive and uplifting club-ready remix of “Dust On The Road”. We also wanted to give a twist of our own to the release, so Austher took “Core Of The Meteor” to a more italo-trance field. Finally, we have Blutch closing the dance with a dreamy, melancholic and really personal reinterpretation of “Sky Sytem”, wandering somewhere between progressive trance and acid.

Release Date:  23/02/2024

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