PREMIERE – NIKKNAME – Polvere (Freeride Millenium)

NIKKNAME is an Austria-based DJ & producer who has contributed plenty to this label over the years and is also a mainstay of the Vienna scene. As well as offering up standout singles, he’s featured on the IMPACT and Queer Base compilations and also made his way to Ombra International and Mangali. The wonderful ‘Disco Partisan’ is a sophisticated mix of sleek electronic disco grooves and spine-tingling vocals. They’re whispered and intimate and backed by heavenly choral sounds as a rugged synth bassline keeps things anchored to the floor. More celestial keys arrive to elevate the trip into something truly spiritual. ‘Polvere’ is a retro-future trip powered by raw drums and nostalgic 80s synth sounds with a snappy kick and clap combo. Darker spoken words bring late-night menace as rapping synths spray about the mix and energise the transcendental groove. The brooding original artwork comes once again from Freeride Millenium’s Daniel Rajcsanyi

Release Date: 04/07/2024