PREMIERE – NIKKNAME – Bankai (Freeride Millenium)

NIKKNAME is a Austrian based producer who has appeared on this label’s IMPACT compilation as well as releasing on Ombra International, Traum Schallplatten and Mangali. He is very much at the heart of the scene in Vienna and puts his musical talents on display once again here.

His opener, ‘Bankai’ is a rugged and muscular disco cut. The strident drums march into the future as cosmic waves and corrugated basslines flesh out the most steamy and propulsive groove. ‘Ume’ then brings even more brightness with loopy synth arps spiraling up to the heavens as synth bass and slapping drums make for a glamorous disco sound. A spine-tingling breakdown allows the synth work to shine before taking off once more. There are plenty of layers to the sleek and seductive ‘Onira Tasaki’, from the shiny bell melodies to the chunky drum funk and shimmering chords. It’s another sensuous disco sound designed to bring both emotion and power to the dance floor.

First to remix is Benjamin Frohlich, Permanent Vacation Records co-founder and another friend of Freeride Millenium who released on IMPACT. His Rave version of ‘Ume’ is just that – six minutes of colourful, freewheeling house with old-school chord stabs, jostling breakbeats and an overflow of euphoric emotion.

Last to remix is Mufti, a Mexican producer and contemporary disco tastemaker known for his work on Her Majesty’s Ship. He zones out with far-sighted chords and a deep bassline that suspends you in mid-air, gazing at the cosmic keys and lost in a dreamy groove.

This is characterful disco from the ever-excellent Freeride Millenium.

Release Date: 22/09/2022

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