PREMIERE – Must See – Crocodile Tears (Inigo Vontier Remix) (Night Noise)

Night Noise hits release number fifty and continues to show its commitment to showcasing new talent via an excellent debut release from Michal Dabrowski aka ‘Must See’.

A few years ago Paris born, Warsaw raised Dabrowski—an analogue obsessive since his teens—met the acclaimed French duo Acid Washed and they began talking about music, specifically a track called ‘Crocodile Tears’ that he had recorded under his Must See guise. It had since been lost following a hard drive crash, so Acid Washed suggested that he help re-record the track in his unique analogue style.

The result is a robotic ballad you can file under electronic pop, with sombre bass and vocals all dragging you into a melancholic musical world. Crashing hits drive it along and the whole thing is riddled with sic-fi melodies.

To complete the package, remixes come from Acid Washed’s Andrew Claristidge, label stalwart AWITW and the always impressive Inigo Vontier. The latter, the Turbo and Correspondent producer  brilliantly twists the title track with tough drums and freaky vocals which run throughout alongside wild synths.

Release Date – 14/09/18

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