PREMIERE – Mondocane – Lambadah (Balam Remix) (Hupupa Records)

Some music touches us like an elixir.

In the vast landscape of electronic music, there is an essence that transcends simple listening. “Elixir of Revolution” by Mondocane is an immersion in this enchanted world of hypnosis and repetition. Like a magical elixir, this music penetrates the soul, transforming notes into sensations.

Each element of this EP contributes to an architecture of the senses. Egeeno’s ethereal voice, dancing between the notes of “Lambadah”, captures the imagination and seduces us into another world. Simone Pulvano’s percussion adds depth and rhythm to the musical narrative, masterfully transporting us into Mediterranean visions.

Through the remixes of Balam and Ka:Lu, the tracks transform further, revealing new layers of charm and mystery. Musical influences range from nu-disco to world downtempo, offering a musical experience that embraces diversity. This EP is a celebration of the meeting of tradition and innovation that reminds us of the universal power of music to connect and transport us to imaginary worlds. Mondocane with his passion for musical exploration invites us to let ourselves drift on the waves of sound.

Release Date: 07/05/2024