PREMIERE – Molsy – Faces (normtusa)

The original version and four intriguing remixes in different sonic landscapes. The release at times envelops you in darkness, while elsewhere, it offers hope for something brighter. The guitar-driven original version keeps the entire track tense, prompting contemplation on various aspects. Mundo D presents their remix, maintaining the fierce vibe of the original version but staying true to their own style, which is quite pleasing. ETANE’s urban remix holds you somewhere between Italo Disco and EBM. The melodiousness is infused with hypnotic energy. Tierra de Ovnis’ remix, on one hand, is enchanting and serene, but on the other hand, it possesses an otherworldly power with a psychedelic undertone. NQUA introduces a remix where the penetrating bass and insightful melodic sounds keep you in rhythm and don’t let go. In general, everything is as we love it!