PREMIERE – Modular Project – Nothing Is Real (Nothing is Real)

Italian imprint Nothing Is Real, has a new seven-track compilation showcasing some of the best up-and-coming artists involved with the label. This release marks a celebration of the second year of Nothing Is Real and of their steady rise as one of the most exciting new labels on the scene.

This project has been painstakingly curated by Modular Project, the techno production duo responsible for the label. A core tenet of the label is their synth-driven, forward-thinking, emotional music, which merge the genres of techno, indie, electronica and 80s New Wave.

The release is opened by Modular Project themselves with ‘Nothing Is Real’, which begins as a minimal and ethereal introduction to the project that offsets a driven techno beat with playful retro synthscapes, creating a suspenseful and uplifting killer of a track.

Release Date – 24/12/18

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