PREMIERE – Mause Entitled XOR – Sunday Multi Acid Seq20d (NPM)

Mause makes his debut release on npm with a stunning 4 track EP entitled ‘XOR’.

Starting with ‘LocriLogAcid Seq’ serving up soothing melodies that make you want to drift away on the dance floor. ‘SeqTuningMlog Acid1’ proves that Mause isn’t averse to switching up tempos and beats with a powerful, trippy acid-induced journey.

The cleverly structured ambient and melodically complex ‘Strimsang [Baecon4]’ is reminiscent of early Aphex Twin with pure electronic bliss whilst ‘Sunday Multi-Acid Seq20d’ is a strong finish to the EP delving deeper within the realms of electro and acid techno.

Release Date: 23/07/2021

Grab your copy here