PREMIERE – Marcello Giordani – Se Ritornerai (Vocoder version) (MM Discos)

The “mighty Italian maestro” Marcello Giordani”, (Italo Deviance’s capo” and half part of the project “Marvin & Guy) has come out with a 3 track EP under the name “Rifelssi” in the infamous MM Discos run by Da Silva & Dj Katah, aka Moon&mann.

At “Riflessi” we will find all the influences that have built with the years with his own sound. A record where the vocoders play a very important role, mixing old electro-boogie and italo-disco in order to create an amazing, spacey and a very personal 80’s tribute. We are happy to present the third track of the EP “Se Ritornerai” which takes us back to the golden era of Italo cosmo.

Release date: 14/06/2019

Grab your copy here