PREMIERE – Manos Tsangaris – Elephants Cry Salty Tears (Nonplace)

Once in a while something special comes along which you don’t know why it’s so great but it simply is….

Very different than our usual premieres but sure you will appreciate the artistic beauty as much as us.


After 30 years, Nonplace is now rereleasing the A side of the much sought-after maxi single “Elephant’s Easy Moonwalk Through The Night” by Manos Tsangaris together with a new B side, created especially for this purpose in 2017.

Manos Tsangaris is a traveller, a radical. That is why his tracks are like journeys, flights or escapes. They dazzle, they drive ahead, they drift away while staying rooted to their foundations.

The same applies to Tsangaris’ experimental musical theatre works and installations (which have brought him international acclaim). They feel like sketches that only reveal their perfection at a second or third glance. In each medium and artistic idiom Tsangaris finally manages to break the boundaries

A Elephant’s Easy Moonwalk Through The Night
B Elephant’s Cry Salty Tears