PREMIERE – Mandruvá & Torstol – Mapinguari (Leonor Remix) (Belly Dance Services)

Belly Dance Services is thrilled to present its 19th release “Mapinguari,” a captivating musical journey created by the talented Brazilian artists Mandruvá and Torstol. Inspired by the legendary creature of the Amazon rainforest, this EP features two unique remixes by Leonor and A-Tweed. The Legend of Mapinguari: Rooted in the rich folklore of the Amazon Region, the Mapinguari legend tells of a forest-dwelling creature, a hairy giant with one eye on its forehead and a mouth on its navel. Some believe it is covered in brown/red fur, while others say it dons armor made from the shell of a tortoise. This mythical being’s origins remain shrouded in mystery, with various versions attributing its existence to indigenous tribes living in the heart of the rainforest. According to certain beliefs, individuals of a certain age may undergo a transformation into the Mapinguari, leading them to seek solace in the isolation of the lush woodlands. The “Mapinguari” EP combines the visionary prowess of Mandruvá and Torstol, resulting in an enchanting blend of sounds that draws listeners into the heart of the Amazonian mystery. Leonor and A-Tweed contribute their unique interpretations, adding further layers of depth and artistry to this already captivating release. The sonic world of “Mapinguari” by Mandruvá & Torstol will be available on all digital Plattforms from September 15th 2023. Join us on this mystical journey through sound and let your imagination roam free.

Release Date: 15/09/2023

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