PREMIERE – Lunatic Wonderer – Effortless Understanding (Eastern Standard)

Our next release come from our art director Lunatic Wonderer, whom through his art and music tries to depict a world of subconscious tones. Still at the beginning of his musical endeavors, his tracks focus on dance floor driven basis but all keep in mind an aspect of laid back grooves for easy listening.

Effortless understanding comes as first track on the EP to set the tone for LW, to immerge us in triplet leads and a release tense bass line.

Contatto Psichico wants the listener to move to the rythm of the drums while taking you on a journey with the arp like sounds of the breaks which depict a closed eye feeling of letting go.

Lastly, futurismo is a more drum based track witch the main feature of triplets to keep the grove and have you bump your head.

Release Date: 26/08/2022

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