PREMIERE – Leitstrahl & Alberto Melloni – Spectral Fantasy Feat. Vongold (Bordello A Parigi)

Chromium Dioxide brought Leitstrahl’s sound to world. The three man group of Stoff, Paul Raal and Boogaloo Steve return alongside Alberto Melloni with Azimuth. Bordello A Parigi’s own Furór Exotica are drafted in to help with the Dee D. Jackson inspired “Automaton Lover.” Disco infused and bombastic, this powerful piece employs bold synthlines and breathy vocals to devastating effect. The title work follows. An addictive melody is cut by a crisp beat in this bright and inviting instrumental. Thick basslines and a mirrorball groove introduce Spectral Fantasy. Featuring the smoky lyrics of Vongold, a tale of unexpected encounters and possibilities unfurl amidst warbling analogue strings. Slung back basslines and a low throb are central in “Light Years”, a smooth longue affair to finish this diverse 12”.

Release Date: 13/10/2023

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