PREMIERE – Lagrimas Saladas- Salsa Bandida(Lipelis dub) (Terra Magic Rec.)

Cosmica Bandida’s debut studio album “Lagrimas Saladas” is an amalgam of sounds influenced by the diverse backgrounds of the members, who find themselves in Munich a city where the leftovers of cosmic music and 70s disco meet cumbia and tropical vampirism. Dark cumbia and psychedelic music collide with the moods of space disco in an album that engages the body. The first two songs that open the
record, “5K Caballo” and “Lágrimas Saladas” explore the textures of synthesizers and the atmospheres of Colombian public pools in incandescent villages, while “Pájaro del Desierto” paints desert landscapes influenced
by Turkish and Egyptian psychedelic music. Closing the A-side with “Salsa Bandida” the band pays tribute to the basic and classic salsa rhythm in a Lo-fi reinterpretation with the Bogota fashion of cold and mountainous
tropical music making.

On the flip side, a group of eight remixers has united to deliver remixes for all the Club enthusiasts out there. Lipelis sets vinyl lovers on fire with his Dubby Disco Remix of “Salsa Bandida”, while MaSpaventi, Volta Cab, Los Pulpitos, and Hektisch Sprengen DJs bring their soulful and dubby trip-hop torch songs to the release.

Prepare yourself for Grischerr & Heap’s glitchy and deconstructed industrial reggaeton remix of “Pájaro del desierto”, along with a powerful deconstructed club beatdown by Kobermann. Jacques Satre’s psychedelic stupdep remix adds the perfect finishing touch to the package.

Release Date: 01/10/2023

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