PREMIERE – La Mverte – Ashram Temple (Youkounkoun Remix) (Les Enfers)

La Mverte releases his new EP Ashram Temple, the second release of his label Les Enfers.

Since 2014, year of the release of his first EP Through The Circles on the label Her
Majesty’s Ship and his participation in the Red Bull Music Academy (RBMA) in Tokyo,
alongside Palms Trax, Zebra Katz, Xosar or Alejandro Paz – with whom he will release
the collaborative EP The Line in 2015 – La Mverte has not stopped pacing the path of
the studio as that of the stage with regularity, until the sudden stop that imposed by the
global health events that we all know only too well.

With Ashram Temple, La Mverte invites us to a trip that he’s never undertaken before.
Leaving behind the formats and tempi to which he was known to be used to until then,
it is a question here of leaving to the exploration of a still uncharted territory of his
musical continent, much slower than usual, in an almost balearic spirit, imbued with
mystery and always plunged into darkness. Established as the starting point of a long
term series relating his imaginary odysseys, this first opus offers to take us towards the
northern jungles of India, investigating a secret cult practicing certain forgotten rituals
within the walls of a forsaken temple.

The original track is offered no less than 3 remixes. Youkounkoun (Jeff Lasson and
Gaëtan Rossi) delivers a very personal remix, almost dance-balearic – after some
incursions by I’m a Cliché, Invisible Inc or Partyfine – playing around the central melody
and the haunted choirs. Theus Mago, aka Mateo Gonzalez, known for his releases on
Optimo Music, Lumière Noire or Duro, offers us a club-oriented version in an indie-
dance fashion. Finally, The Populists gives us his take on the track, from a disco-ish intro
to more electroclash vibes, as it can be previously heard on his releases via Zone, Space
Factory or XXX.

We are happy to premiere “Youkounkoun” remix of the original Ashram Temple.

Release Date: 17/06/2022

Grab your copy here