PREMIERE – Kubebe & Apollon Telefax – Forever Yeah! (Romain FX’s Dirty Remix) (Kaputt)

Forever Yeah!’ EP by Kubebe & Apollon Telefax on Kaputt.wav is a thrilling sonic journey through the realms of trance, house breaks, and acid. Hailing from the European scene, the emerging artists showcase their prowess with influences that echo in each track. The EP kicks off with the titular track, ‘Forever Yeah!’ – a trance-inducing house dance that seamlessly blends synthesizer stabs, a relentless bassline, and mysterious whispers. It’s a definite standout that sets the tone for the entire EP. ‘Choki Choki,’ the second track, takes a different turn by lowering the BPMs, leading the listener on a trippy dance around in the woods, among cowbells and beautifully crafted synth ledas. The track creates a unique atmosphere, offering a refreshing contrast to the high-energy opener. The third track, ‘Gluten Tag,’ promises to set dance floors around the world ablaze. Its pulsating beats and infectious rhythm make it a potential anthem for dance enthusiasts. The EP also features two mega remixes from some of the hottest artists of the moment. Romain FX, with his already famed and unique style, adds a dirty twist to ‘Forever Yeah!’ while Fernanda Arrau, a rising star from South America, goes full house in her remix of ‘Gluten Tag.’

Release Date: 01/03/2024

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