PREMIERE – Kolomensky – Dangerous Birds (Balam Remix) (Karakter Records)

Kolomensky upcoming release in Karakter comes straight from the heart of Russia, embedded in one of the biggest cities of the world. Denis Kolomensky stands to reflect on the collision between the tribalistic roots of the modern civilisation, using the tools provided by the advancements of the new world, to remind us of the importance of our connection to nature through one of human’s most primitive need of dancing. This story is told with two originals and respective remixes from “Balam” & Label founder “Pedro Martins”.

Dipped in the hostility of the uncontrollable, The title track “Dangerous birds” characterises a perspective distortion, singling out the feeling of a threat as the primary excuse for the transformation between the past human instinct of idolisation and respect for nature, and today’s disregard and disconnection, creating the perfect Segway into the release.

Our selection for today’s premiere is from the Argentinian “Balam”, brings from the other side of the pawn, the temperature increase characteristic of the South American landscape, where the groove of hand-played the percussion with movement oriented modulations, contrasts with the melodic ambiguity of the unknown, brought together by the creative use of Kolomensky’s carefully selected voice cuts.

Release Date: 18/05/2020

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