PREMIERE – JP Soul – Bacchanal (Roam Recordings)

“There’s blood on my hands”, the Wizard spoke.
“Nothing was ever so immaculately intense.
And by the state of this house, I’m foreseeing,
your desire will ever be so”.

@roam-recordings kicks off 2018 with a new release from its boss @jpsoul: ‘Bacchanal’, an Italo-Disco infused jam with an energetic synth groove backing a decadent vocal.

After a big year of releases on labels such as Nein, Emerald & Doreen, Logical, Meant, and Whiskey Disco, JP Soul returns to Roam Recordings with two new dance floor originals and three remixes. All five tracks come together to form a unique and versatile ‘Bacchanal’ EP following the Roam mantra – somewhere between disco and techno – a little left of center and always for the dance floor.

Release date – 09/02/18

Text by @kikitoao