PREMIERE – John Barera & Brian Abelson – The Arc (Toucan sounds)

Ambient synths, a deep bassline and trickling plucks form ‘The Prelude’, this is the introduction to an LP oozing character, told by Allergy Season and Heist artist John Barera & Beats In Space and Haus of Altr affiliate Brian Abelson. After being eased in by the opener, title track ‘The Arc’ picks up speed with hypnotic arpeggios and doom-spelling harmonies, working in unison to build up tension throughout its five minute runtime. This is before toucan sounds’ resident vocalist Brandon Markell Holmes enters with a soft-sung ballad, Barera and Abelson’s intricate instrumentation forming a subtle and effective backbone to Holmes’ unrivalled voice. This is a varied album, touching on groove-laden dance tracks like ‘I Was There’ and ‘I Am Free’, to the sluggish trip of ‘I Believe’. Summarising the LP perfectly, ‘The Return’ closes out the release with the infectious strum of a bass guitar and carefully designed layers of melody that, much like the rest of the full-length, speaks endlessly to the imagination. Once dubbed one of the “New York techno scene’s hardest working DJs” by Resident Advisor, John Barera has honed his craft via his Cross Street label, as well as appearances on labels such as Soul Clap and Dolly. His style ranges from techno, electro through to house and acid, and has seen him grace the halls of influential international clubs like Panorama Bar, Fabric, Razzmatazz, and many more. Brian Abelson is responsible for co-producing and writing records on labels like Beats in Space, Haus of Altr, Sinderlyn and more, all while holding down a residency at New York’s celebrated Bossa Nova Civic Club. After a recent glimpse at collaboration via their 2022 ‘Myrtle Ave Wetlands’ on Sorry Records, NYC scene stalwarts Abelson and Barera now team up for an LP rooted in left-field house music, combining their wealth of influences and experience to deliver a quality vinyl album full of unique artistic expression.

Release Date: 30/06/2023

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