PREMIERE – Joe Lewandowski – Cosmic (Friendsome Records)

Following a string of impressive releases on esteemed labels like Skylax, Amsem, Kitsune, and Hard Fist, Joe Lewandowski showcases his boundless musical diversity in his latest EP, ‘Clair-Obscur’ on Friendsome Records. This EP, ‘Clair-Obscur,’ showcases Joe Lewandoski’s versatile artistry with two distinct sides. ‘Clair’ ignites the dance floor with infectious tracks like ‘Cosmic’ and ‘Power,’ while ‘Obscur’ delves into deeper, intimate vibes with ‘Nick’ and ‘Play The Game’, featuring rich basslines and expressive guitar work. Lewandoski’s fusion of organic instruments, vocals, and electronic elements shines in ‘Clair,’ reflecting his teenage years as a rock guitarist. ‘Obscur,’ on the other hand, explores a slower, introspective groove.

Release Date: 03/11/2023

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