PREMIERE – JGR – Acid Trama (Odd Pleasures)

The Chilean producer Julian Garcia-Reyes under his project JGR, comes back to ODD Pleasures after releasing ‘Silk Android’ in the second ODD Pleasures V.A Compilation last year. This time the producer and important DJ of the Spanish Indie-Dance scene delivers two powerful tracks driven by bouncy bass lines combined with 80’s influenced spicy beats, his signature acid synths full of psychedelia blended with dark melodies and immersive atmospheres are the main ingredients of this journey to outer space.

The two originals are complemented with two remixes by Radial Gaze and Balam, which bring the originals to a whole new dimension, imprinting their vision and unique re-interpretation to round up this heavy package.

Release Date – 27/01/23

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