PREMIERE – Italo Brutalo – You make me feel so (Bungalo Disco)

Italo Brutalo unveils his latest maxi single “You Make Me Feel So” Prepare for a sonic journey into the heart of the ’80s synthwave resurgence as Italo Brutalo drops his latest maxi single “You Make Me Feel So”. This three-track release showcases the artist’s ability in melding nostalgic sounds with contemporary beats, promising a feast for both vintage enthusiasts and modern music lovers. It also includes a stunning remix from upcoming star and label colleague Kay-Chi. On top of that all Bungalo Disco created very special videos based on the original Roland TR-707 matrix display to complete the audio-visual concept. “You Make Me Feel So” (Original Mix): Immerse yourself in the infectious groove of the original mix, where Italo Brutalo skillfully utilizes iconic machines like the modded Roland TR-707 for drums, the Roland W-30 and Juno-106 for lush arpeggios and samples and the Akai MPC2000 for rhythmic precision.

Release Date: 24/11/2023

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