PREMIERE – Iñigo Vontier – Bo Ni Ke (Lumière Noire)

Hot off the heels of Aluxes, his 2018 Lumière Noire debut EP,  Mexican DJ/producer Iñigo Vontier takes Chloé’s label on a trip to the far corners of the body and mind with an album of demented grooves, psychedelic take-offs and imaginary comic strips of mystical rituals.

In the Jalisco native’s own words  “this album best reflects my own vision and spirituality, and the way I feel it”. Whether contemplative or frenetic, the collection of tracks that make up El Hijo Del Maiz takes the kitchen sink and throws it out the window: languid rhythms, haunted vocals, and mysterious percussion fuel a discombobulated house set that scrambles the listener’s five senses, leaving one disoriented and exposed to the vagaries of vertigo.

None more so, than in ‘Bo Ni Ke’ where Middle Eastern accents meet Japanese-influenced vocal trickery and Moroccan flutes à la Jajouka transform into a feverish trance.

Release Date – 29/11/19

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