PREMIERE – Id!r – Dry Lips (Fucanglong Files)

Parisian artist Id!r serves up two of his brilliantly angular and raw analogue disco weapons on Fucanglong Files this June.

Id!r has been making music all his life, and from the start he was influenced by hearing a lot of Berber rhythms. He has played bass in a dub and reggae band, DJed as part of the Washing Machine collective and released on Darkroom Dubs and Clouded Vision while picking up high profile support from The Hacker, Ivan Smagghe and Ewan Pearson. Those esteemed artists no doubt recognised Id!r’s knack for cooking up brilliantly electro-tinged dark wave sounds, which is just what he does again here.

Opener ‘Dry Lips’ was first written, in part, in 2017. Then the artist re-found the draft in 2019 and felt it needed a guitar line so he borrowed an instrument from friend Mijo before adding lyrics about a soul lost in the desert. That guitar lick is a brilliantly filthy one that brings a real attitude to the EBM-tinged dark disco drums. Add in the punchy kicks and menacing bass and you have a real classic.

Release Date – 18/06/21

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