PREMIERE – ID_UA – Identification (POVILNO Records)

Identification” was created during the pandemic lockdown when the world was gripped by a virus, and people found themselves in isolation. During this period, many musicians found inspiration in the new conditions of life. When creating the track “Wings,” the artist used Ukrainian lyrics and a romantic arpeggiator to craft an atmosphere that perfectly matched evenings spent by candlelight due to power outages caused by electrical terror. For the Ukrainian vocals in the track, the author enlisted the help of their own sister, who had to leave Ukraine due to the war. The synchronization of her vocals with the author’s voice created a harmonious and emotionally powerful combination, giving the song a unique depth and sincerity. These tracks became a sort of sonic reflection of how people sought peace and inspiration in challenging times. “Identification” also received an outstanding remix from the owner of the Calypso label, a renowned artist based in Mexico – Thomass Jackson. This remix added a new layer to the track and gave it its own character, complementing the original work and providing it with a fresh sound.

Release Date: 03/11/2023

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