PREMIERE – Horos — Pounding Hertz (TRNQR)

São Paulo-based artist Horos’s music is a blend of sci-fi narratives and hi-tech mysticism. The man behind TRNQR — an independent label with a mixed catalog that includes albums, EPs, and singles distributed in the form of cassettes, zines, and digital files . He has been active since 2012, after many years leading residencies in São Paulo’s thriving underground music scene.

His productions have already received endorsements from artists in the likes of Boys Noize, Lena Willikens, Scuba, Volvox, Marsman, Softcoresoft and Renato Cohen. In 2017 his work was released by labels such as Catch (UK), Dissolute (Germany), Ecce (Portugal), Quadrado Magico (Brazil) and also featured in the Power Puerto Rico compilation.

Cosmic Anomaly (TRNQR013),is fresh new title coming from TRNQR featuring 5 original tracks. All of them recorded live, straight out of the computer and edited for digital (Bandcamp) and physical (cassette) release. Unlike anything that Horos has previously created, this EP captures a dense emotional atmosphere that approaches the effusive climate of the tropics, but through a skeptical and misanthropic perspective.

Artist: Horos
Label: TRNQR
Catalog: TRNQR013
Release date: April 23rd
Buy link – Bandcamp

Horos — Cosmic Anomaly EP

01. Horos — Pounding Hertz (05’11”)
02. Horos — Dizzyntegration (05’11”)
03. Horos — Just Forget It (05’11”)
04. Horos — Funktionsstörung (07’01”)
05. Horos — Useless Talkie (07:20″)