PREMIERE – Hardt Antoine – Goliath (Correspondant)

Three is the magic number… Correspondant mark their 99th release with ‘Numéro 3’, a brand new edition of their future-focused VA series.

New family member and rising talent Hardt Antoine lights the fuse on this dynamite collection with ‘Goliath’, a true peaktime showpiece that more than lives up to its gigantic name. It’s backed up consummately with two more heavyweight hypnotic, immersive experiences as good friends of the label join the party.

Niv Ast steps up with one of his biggest basslines to date in the form of the laser-firing, dramatic, heads-down, groove ‘Ecstatic Hoofers’ while Adam Ten adds his own chapter to the ongoing story of the ‘Caminho De Dreyfus’ phenomenon. Red Axes’ 2013 original has been one of Correspondant’s most popular tracks to date and Rebolledo’s remix was a huge twist in the tale back in 2018. Now Adam brings the heat with his own acidic twist in 2022… Maintaining everything we’ve always loved about the original but keeping it fresh and keeping it future, it’s a great update on a timeless track that captures Correspondant’s free spirit.

A spirit that’s about to hit the hallmark 100th release. Stay tuned for some exciting correspondence about that very soon.

Release Date: 24/06/2022

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