PREMIERE – Gunce Aci – Dream of the Sirens (Modular Project portamento retouch) (Factor City)

Gunce Aci makes her Factor City debut with 3 excellent original tracks followed by solid remixes from Modular Project and Stockholm Youth.

Istanbul-based Dj/Producer Gunce Aci has been spinning in many clubs, venues and festivals in Istanbul underground music scene since 2014 and recently in Europe. Influenced by Indie-dance, new wave, electronica and ebm. Her hypnotic pads, powerful bass lines and absurd melodies meet under the roof of her signature sound. She has already showed her talent in great labels such us Ombra INTL or Nein.

Here we have 3 new examples of her very personal and effective take on dance music. Her unique rendition is full of brazen rhythms, sharp beats and moving percussions. Powerful and sleazy bass lines. And hypnotic and mental synth stabs and pads.

The remixes come by Italian rising duo Modular Project. Their take on “Dream of the sirens” is a riveting and percussive ride. A perfectly crafted retouch. And production team Stockholm Youth, formed by Stockholm Syndrome and Tronic Youth, who deliver a raw, distorted and darker version of “Exposure”.

The release comes wrapped in a beautiful cover by David Imbernon. Mastered At The Groove.

Release Date: 10/12/2021

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