PREMIERE – Glen S – Lunar Launch (Dialectic Recordings)

Beginning with the title track, Glen S winds the clock down for a slow and steady start. Airy pads gently suspend the listener in zero gravity as the rising resonance of squelchy stereo transmissions are beamed from the control tower in anticipation for lift-off

With the engines warmed up and rockets thrusting, Alien Acid brings not only a slight increase in G-force, but also a diverse taste of flavours. Starting off with classic electro rhythms and 303-lines, Glen S showcases his ambitious character as he takes a sudden four-to-the-floor detour before dropping an unlikely half-time beat that will rattle the foundations of even the sturdiest of edifices

The voyage continues with Gatewayed Rugs, a punchy electro cut with contortionist melodies and a combination of claps and snares that leave a bright red spank-welt on the surface of anything they come into contact with. Hypnotic as well as groovy, this track explores variations in timbre and mood with flawless transitioning and a genuine commitment to capturing the entirety of your attentional facilities

River View culminates our travels through the fabric of space and time and beckons the listener to take pause and reflect, as rolling rhythms flow on with the permanence of celestial currents through the galaxy. One feels at peace having finally landed on the moon, as arpeggios and drones serenade us before we bid them farewell – for now.

Release Date: 30/07/2022

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