PREMIERE – Frifot – Crystal Crayons (Badabing Diskos)

Norwegian producer Frifot is a nomadic soul who has a long history of producing under various pseudonyms. His music is often energetic but calm, dark but with rays of light and full of lush melodies and an exploratory vibe that takes you through outer space. This new secret project is another invitation from him to close your eyes and dream. First up is the techno-leaning disco of ‘Rouge Planet’, a steamy dance floor workout with prying bass loops and sonar pulses. It’s a busy arrangement that never lets up the pressure and brings an all-new kind of intensity to space music. ‘Crystal Crayons’ layers up exquisitely designed chords with swirling pads and sci-fi motifs. The quickened house groove is minimal but effective as it powers this mind-opening cosmic trip and the soft arps bubble away to infinity. The brilliant ‘Marshmellow Clouds’ is an epic eight-minute closer that builds intensity through gurgling bass and loopy drums. Squelchy alien life forms and smeared melodic lines detail the ever-evolving groove and leave you with your eyes glazed and lost in the moment. Frifot’s Rouge Planet EP is a sublime fusion of sounds that make both a cerebral and physical impact.

Release Date: 24/03/2023

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