PREMIERE – Freydel – Mongolian Princess (Everybody In)

Sink into Freydel’s vibrant “New Thoughts” EP. Hailing from Germany, Freydel is more than a house producer; he’s a creative powerhouse. His music blends smooth melodies with catchy rhythms, backed by his talent as a photographer capturing portraits of renowned house DJs like Chris Stussy, Chaos in the CBD, and Solomun. “New Thoughts,” the EP’s opening track, is a classic house journey led by a solid 4 to the floor bassline. Following that, imagine vibing to “New Pics On The Wall.” Let the chill vocals and dope beats take you back to your teenage room, plastered with pics, stickers, and flyers from lit nights out. Next, “Summer Heat” is perfect for those poolside parties, while “Mongolian Princess” closes out the EP with hypnotic percussion and chopped vocals, transporting you to a melodic Deep House realm, ideal for chilling out with summer vibes. Circle Friday, May 31st, on your calendar and don’t miss out on this fantastic sunny tunes collection!

Release Date: 31/05/2024