PREMIERE – FRAK – Jammin Kebap (Cosmic Pint Glass)

‘Beyond the Pub’ is a collection of tracks for the after hours. From drunken treks to the filthy kebab shops to outer body experiences in the icy wonderlands, Cosmic Pint Glass tells the stories that happen after leaving the Social House.  

Taking you on a drunken stumble to the Kebab Shop is FRAK who serve up some filthy drums and synths to go with your grease and chilli sauce. After a few bites on the Jammin’ kebap the brain alarms start going. A little while longer mind is starting to twist and the track starts it uncontrollable spinning. FRAK have been putting distortion pedal to drum machine since the late 80’s, their production style really shows how the grit in the edit adds to the depth.

Pressed to black 10″ vinyl to 300 copies with hand finished painted sleeves. Digital possible at a later date.

Release Date – Coming Soon

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