PREMIERE – Flux of Pink Indians – Nothing is Not Done (Vinilette edit) (Frigio Records)

Following up Batozsek’s four slices on Vol 2, Ecdisis Vol. 3 is fresh and ready to give its musical gift to the world. Some familiar names from the first volume of these series return for the third instalment as well as an otherworldly figure in the electronic music world. Up first is Vinilette’s rework of Flux of Pink Indians’ “Nothing Is Not Done”. Following we have the head honcho, Juanpablo with his extended edit of Mac Blackout’s “Do The Dance In Your Head” which original version came out in Valencia’s imprint B.F.E. in 201. The final attack sequence comes from Mick Wills with his amazing cut of an unreleased track by Argentina’s great producer NGLY.

Our pick from this collection with a serious impact is “Vinilette’s rework”. This tribal rhythmic romp is inspired by the 1986 piece on Uncarved Block. Layers of kick drums, bongos and toms echo and judder as a cold line circles and close ever tighter.

Release Date: 26/06/2020

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