PREMIERE – Florian Busse – Jamieja feat. Lisette Santiago (Stefano Ritteri Turkish Rave Remix) (Connected)

To celebrate Connected reaching its 3rd year, the team has put together a compilation of tracks old and new that showcases its musical diversity.

On the new, there are remixes from Olaf Stuut, Tim Engelhardt, Stefano Ritteri, Reboot and Moscoman which will be released on vinyl alongside a brand new track from label heads Stereo MC’s.

The full compilation, meanwhile, features catalogue cuts by David Mayer, Re.You, Nandu, Florian Busse, Aaaron, Floyd Lavine, Tigerskin and Pôngo amongst others.

Stefano Ritteri’s first appearance on connected comes as a lean, neo-disco infectious rave workout which takes the original from Florian Busse to a completely new place. Mainly carried by a funky bassline and classy drum machine patterns, the flute-like synthesizer introduces an unexpected oriental flair to this great remix.

This contemporary label has been building steam over the last few years with increasing vigour, and this release follows their ethic of offering a diverse and underground mix of tracks that offer plenty of club action.

Release Date – 07/09/18

Grab your copy here