PREMIERE – Fernanda Arrau & Balam – Dinho (Musumeci Remix) (Pets Recordings)

Tastebuds teased. Senses seasoned. Long-time friends Fernanda Arrau and Balam collide once again. This time making their debut on Pets, they proceed to refresh our palates with a whole new set of sonic spices…

Taking off where they left us on United Colors Of Rhythm with Baila, the longstanding Spanish/Argentinian connection serve up ‘Sabor A Disco’. Translating to disco flavours, it lives up to its name with a whole bombardment of acid spices and techno aromas. Slow roasted for full hypnotic effect, your dancefloor will be chewing for hours on this one.

It’s backed up by the equally tasty ‘Dinho’. A hearty percussive strew of South American instruments, marinated in fiery Latin heat, it’s another high energy example of the two producer’s skills and strengths; Fernanda brings her warm, emotional grooves while Balam brings that driving momentum and weight.

For added measure, and a very sweet final course, Musumeci brings an enlightening remix twist to ‘Dinho’. Also making his debut on Catz n’ Dogz label, the Italian techno trooper brings a completely different twist to the track with a breakdown that will leave you hungry for more.

Release Date: 21/10/2022

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