PREMIERE – Fec & Rodeman – Passenger (Urge to Dance)

Throughout the year there have been so many reasons to leave your phones in your pockets, while in the club; stop talking to your friends around you and just start paying attention to the music coming from the sound systems; or simply let yourself dance. Staying true to our mission to explore the music that evokes an urge to dance, we are delivering our Reasons 01.

9 tracks coming from well-known Urge To Dance family members as Selderv, Fec, Raly, upcoming and established Artists such as Bouzidi, Rodeman, Hamoon & Amiralee, Nima Sarshar, Declan Burke, TWIINS, Adjmall and impressive debuts by new Artists such as Florian Hoelzl and Shigin.

Or simply 9 tracks – 9 reasons to dance, all combined in our first VA Compilation: Reasons 01

Release date: 23/12/2022

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