PREMIERE – Fabio Me llaman Soltero – Demvogue (Quixotical)

Fabio Me Llaman Soltero joinsQuixotical Records againwith three originalseccentrically eclecticdisco piecesalong withremixes by Il Est Vilain, Leonor and Mijo. Fabiohails from Guatemalaand brings on three original cuts that perfectly represents his “out of the box” perceptionin creativity. Release starts with title track “Demvogue”that uncovers the exclusive groovy vocalsand slowly grows into ready-to-party vibe. „Fey De 25 Y Yo De 12” is very special track in which you can find dandy and very inspirable rhyme that will help you to understand more the vibesofParadise of Guatemala.The third original track “Ingeniero Koksal” comes with the acid spices and tension which will force you to keep you focus and move your body till the end of the track.Next to come is well known duo from France –„Il Est Vilaine“ with a twisted electronic remix for „Demvogue“. Acid taste touches, highlighted vocal loops, sensable strict and dark aura makes this track top notch trip guide.Dj and producer from Mexico based in France –Leonor has turned „Fey De 25 Y Yo De 12”into memorable, solid but playful remix. Bass does the job with perfect indicated tempo andall thesounds positioned neat in the right places. Ready Fready remix for everyone.Last but not the least andactualcherry on the cake -Mexican bornMijo.Here he serves up a Psy Dub interpretation of “Ingeniero Koksal”. Cosmic and psychedelic remix that deepens the emotionsmore and more with every second of the remix. Highlightedtiny percussions, pad, and main lead, sometimes for perfection so little is needed.

Release Date: 30/06/2021

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